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Information about the Cellforce Group

We take your questions seriously. That is why we have put together some key questions and answers about our construction project in Mahden:

After partial construction permits were obtained, preliminary construction work started at the Cellforce Group site in June 2022.

The construction work at the site was initiated with preparatory earthworks and shoring. The next steps are being planned as efficiently as possible with the commissioned architects.

One key factor in our decision was the openness of the City of Tübingen, the City of Reutlingen and the municipality of Kirchentellinsfurt to Cellforce operations at the Mahden industrial park. Another was the chance to set up business at an existing industrial park with an excellent infrastructure. The park has the space to build our development and pilot production facility as part of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action’s EuBatIn project under IPCEI.

Another important criterion for choosing this location was proximity to important research partners such as Fraunhofer, DLR, ZSW, Reutlingen University and Cyber Valley, as well as to industry partners such as Manz AG and Porsche AG.

A modern development and pilot production center is being built at our new site in Mahden, which will focus primarily on research and development for and small-scale production of high-performance battery cells. A core aspect of our work will be research and development in the field of cell chemistry, a critical component of overall battery cell performance. At this site, we want to raise the efficiency and longevity of battery cell technology to a whole new level, actively shaping the mobility of the future.

The planned site is not for series production, it is for the development and pilot production of high-performance battery cells. The existing area is enough for this purpose.

No, there is no risk to the local population or the environment. Battery cell technology is a safe and, above all, tried and tested technology. We are drawing on years of experience in battery cell research and production. We will comply with all statutory safety requirements and also implement our own, additional safety standards.

Currently, the Cellforce Group GmbH employed more than 150 people. By 2024, the workforce is expected to grow to up to 240 employees. In the coming years, the Group will search for motivated talent across all levels of qualification.

The Cellforce Group would like to establish a line of contact with the citizens of Reutlingen and Kirchentellinsfurt for the sake of personal exchange, as well as to receive their questions and input.

In spring 2022, the Cellforce Group offered various formats of exchange and communication to the public. On March 29, 2022, a digital exchange was held with the councils of Kirchentellinsfurt and Reutlingen to engage with local politicians and citizens and learn about their concerns. This was followed by an online dialog with the public on March 31, 2022, which drew in more than 150 interested parties. During these events, participants had the opportunity to pose their questions directly to management. In general, the questions mostly dealt with the location, the operational purpose of the site, and the possible career opportunities at the Cellforce Group.

At two information stands – at the weekly farmers’ market in Reutlingen on April 2, 2022 and in the town square in Kirchentellinsfurt on April 9, 2022, citizens could meet and get to know the management, including Markus Gräf (COO), Wolfgang Hüsken (CFO), and Torge Thönnessen (CTO).

The Cellforce Group will continue to listen to the citizens’ needs, and the public can contact the Cellforce Group at any time. A contact form (below) can be found on the website. Additionally, the latest news will be posted on the company’s LinkedIn and Twitter accounts.

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