Architectural visualization of the planned buildings
Architectural visualization of the planned buildings

The building project

What is to be built in Mahden?

A state-of-the-art development and pilot production site for battery cell technology is to be built alongside the necessary office space at the new Cellforce Group headquarters. The focus will be on cell chemistry research and development. As well as the relevant research facilities, a pilot production plant is being set up for the small-scale production of battery cells, as the batteries developed also need to be tested. The Cellforce Group is also building a cutting-edge Powerhouse that will allow it to manage its own energy needs efficiently and sustainably.

The Mahden industrial park, which was established decades ago, is the ideal location for the new development and pilot production facility.

Map of the Mahden industrial park with the new production site
Map of the area around Kirchentellinsfurt and Reutlingen

It offers the Cellforce Group proximity and links to key partners from science and industry for the rapid and easy exchange of information. Good transport links via the B 464, the feeder road to highway Bundesstrasse 27, is another plus point.

The park is 28,151 square meters. The Cellforce Group is in excellent company: Numerous other commercial and industrial enterprises have been operating and manufacturing at this industrial park for many years. For example, Manz AG, Spectra GmbH, Spee Racing GmbH Sportveranstaltungen, ZEEB GmbH Land-, Bau- und Gartentechnik, and MAN Truck & Bus Service Reutlingen are all close neighbors.

The buildings

The Cellforce Group is planning construction of a total of three buildings. These will be a conventional office building, a development and pilot production facility, and a dedicated Powerhouse. The Powerhouse will be used to manage energy demand in research and production processes, enabling the Cellforce Group to manage its energy requirements in a green and efficient way.

All buildings have been planned in line with the latest energy standards. The roofs and external façade will also be greened in all suitable places and photovoltaic systems will be installed on the roofs. In short, the Cellforce Group is seeking to contribute to climate protection through its very buildings.

Architectural visualization of the planned buildings
Architectural visualization of the planned buildings

Stages of planning

Production is scheduled to start in the first half of 2024.