Competitive high-performance battery cells from Germany: Cellforce Group speaks at Battery Forum in Berlin

How can high-performance battery cells continue to be manufactured competitively in Germany in the future? And how will the Cellforce Group succeed on the road to this future? These were the questions addressed by Dr. Markus Gräf, COO of the Cellforce Group, as well as the Group’s Director Development, Dr. Heino Sommer, and Director Operations, Markus Woland, at this year’s Battery Forum in Berlin. One topic that was on the minds of many of the forum’s participants was the US Inflation Reduction Act and its consequences for the battery industry in Europe.

“The Inflation Reduction Act puts European companies at a disadvantage. From Europe’s point of view, the IRA should be an incentive for a pan-European investment program to bring our continent back on a par with the USA,” said Dr. Markus Gräf. Together with Dr. Heino Sommer, he presented the contribution that the Cellforce Group – a joint venture between Porsche AG and battery specialist CUSTOMCELLS – can make to this topic, and explained how high-performance battery cells can continue to be manufactured competitively in Germany in the future. “Cellforce is working on the battery cell of the future and wants to make a sustainable contribution from Europe,” said Gräf.

In addition, Markus Woland outlined to the Forum what it will take to achieve this, and revealed how the Cellforce Group is able to succeed in the quick development of its production of high-performance battery cells within a very short time span. “Key factors that contribute to the success of a lighthouse project like this include working in partnership with suppliers on an equal footing, overcoming challenges collaboratively, and implementing issues concretely.”

Wettbewerbsfähige Hochleistungsbatteriezellen aus Deutschland: Cellforce Group spricht beim Batterieforum in Berlin
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