Cooperation with Group14 Technologies

Cooperation with Group14 Technologies secures Cellforce access to a high-quality technology of the future. Porsche is pushing ahead with its ambition in the development and production of high-performance battery cells: The sports car manufacturer is acquiring shares in the US company Group14 Technologies, a manufacturer of advanced silicon-carbon technology for lithium-ion batteries, as the lead investor in a financing round.

Group14 Technologies, based in Woodinville (Washington, USA), wants to use the capital increase to accelerate its worldwide production of anode material for lithium-ion batteries: Before the end of this year, Group14 plans to lay the foundation stone for another factory for the production of so-called Battery Active Materials (BAM) in the USA. In future, Group14 will also supply the Cellforce Group.

The cooperation with Group14 secures Cellforce access to a high-quality future technology that will make the next generation of battery cells considerably more powerful than the lithium-ion batteries currently in use. The chemistry of the new cells relies on silicon as the anode material. This can significantly increase the energy density compared to current series batteries. This means that the batteries of the future will be able to store more energy for the same size – and thus offer a greater range than batteries on the market today. The novel chemistry also reduces the internal resistance of the battery. As a result, the battery can absorb more energy during recuperation and at the same time be charged more quickly.

Following an intensive testing process, the Cellforce Group has selected Group14 Technologies as the manufacturer of the most promising silicon anode material for Porsche’s requirements. “The anode material from Group14 has gamechanger potential on the way to shorter charging times,” emphasises Markus Gräf, Managing Director of the Cellforce Group.

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